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Finnish Independence Day and Film "Rare Exports"

Fri, Dec 6, 5:00 pm
Wylie Hall 005

It is once again time for that awesome annual event you never go to, namely, the Finnish Independence Day! The northwesternmost corner of the places covered by CEUS and the only one with a triple A credit rating will celebrate its independence on Friday, December 6th! Back there, it is widely considered silly to kick oneself into patriot mode, dress up, feel proud, and boast about one's credit rating just because you happened to be born inside some arbitrary boundaries conceptualized by powers-that-be as "a country." Therefore, we will pay tribute to the said event by throwing a low-key movie night on December 6 at 5pm in Wylie Hall 005. If you're not into films but are very much pro-free food, there will be an afterparty, or as some people would say, a reception, with Finnish treats shortly after the movie, around 6:30pm. You, your friends, children and pet jellyfish are more than welcome to attend both, or just one, or neither! We'll only guilt trip you afterwards for the latter!

The movie we will be watching is "Rare Exports" (2010), a dark comedy about the origins of Santa Claus. Check out the trailer as it will probably answer most of your questions: The film is in Finnish and English with English subtitles and is rated K13 (not suitable for children under 13) in Finland.

Sponsored by the Baltic and Finnish Student Association, the Inner Asia and Uralic National Resource Center, and Mikko and Elisa, Finnish lecturer and Fullbright AI.