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Finnish Movie Night—“Miss Farkku-Suomi”

Wed, Oct 9, 6:00 pm
Fine Arts 102

”Mä oon teidän uus rock-idoli – I am your new rock idol”, states Välde, a 17-year-old outsider, who, in order to win the heart of the newly crowned Miss Blue Jean, decides to dye his hair green and become a musician. Finland in the 1970’s. A new genre of music, punk, is starting to find its way to a small Finnish town in the north called Oulu. Time to say good-bye to Abba and hello to Sex Pistols and updated values.

This is the setting of the film Miss Farkku-Suomi (Miss Blue Jean; 2012), directed by Matti Kinnunen. The movie is based on an autobiographical book by a Finnish musician Kauko Röyhkä, so you’ll get a chance to hear a great deal of Finnish rock music. In addition, you’ll experience the nostalgic 70’s – an era, when everybody used to wear jeans and dance in a disco…

The film will be shown in Finnish with English subtitles.