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Iranian Job Talk - Navid Fozi-Abivard

Tue, Feb 25, 6:00 pm
Persimmon Room, IMU

Navid Fozi-Abivard

About the candidate:  Dr. Fozi-Abivard received his Ph.D in Anthropology from Boston University.  His dissertation title is: An Alternative Religious Space in Shi’a Iran: Socio-Cultural Imaginaries of Zoroastrians in Contemporary Tehran.  His current research interests are contemporary politics, ethnic and religious minorities, and emergent forms of nationalism and pluralism.    

Job Talk: Emergent Pluralism in a Fragmented and Polarized Diaspora:  Politics of Iranian Diasporic Identity Formation in Malaysia

Date:  February 25th

Time:  6-7PM

Place:  Persimmon Room, IMU