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Laszlo Borhi "1989 in Hungary: The Hidden Threads of History"

Mon, Apr 7, 5:00 pm
Walnut Room, IMU

The series of lectures planned for Spring 2014 here at IU will continue in the upcoming month.  The fourth lecture in this series will be held Monday, April 7th from 5:00-6:15 in the Walnut Room of the IMU.  This lecture is titled 1989 in Hungary: The Hidden Threads of History and will be presented by Professor Laszlo Borhi, Senior Research Fellow, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former Hungarian Chair and Fulbright Professor at IU.

These lectures are designed for the general audience and all are welcome to attend!  As mentioned earlier, this will be a series of lectures: 

Lecture 1: The Revolution and War of Independence of 1956(10/2/13 1:00-2:30, IMU Maple Room) 
Lecture 2: The Holocaust in Hungary (11/12/13 12:30-2:00, IMU Maple Room)
Lecture 3: The Treaty of Trianon and Its Consequences (03/03/14 5:00-6:30, IMU Maple Room)
Lecture 4: 1989 in Hungary: The Hidden Threads of History (04/07/14 5:00-6:15, IMU Walnut Room)
Lecture 5: The Hungarian Settlement in the Carpathian Basin

The Lecture Memo can be found here:

1989 in Hungary: The Hidden Threads of History


This talk will discuss the internal-external dynamic of the complicated set of historical processes that led to the downfall of communism and contributed to ending the cold war 25 years ago.

Future lecture times, dates and locations will be posted as soon as it is all figured out!