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Miriam J. Woods "Tajik Women’s National Clothing: Aspects of Fieldworking in Tajikistan"

Wed, Feb 12, 12:00 pm
Distinguished Alumni Room, IMU

Miriam J. Woods, a graduate student in the Central Eurasian Studies and Folklore and Ethnomusicology Departments, will be discussing her work on "Tajik Women’s National Clothing: Aspects of Fieldworking in Tajikistan" on February 12th, from noon to one in the Distinguished  Alumni Room in the IMU.

"My research is on women’s “national clothing” (libosi milli) in Tajikistan, focusing particularly on its makers and wearers. I examine how women who create this clothing synthesize religious values, national identity, fashion, aesthetics, and creativity in producing unique custom-made garments. I suggest that these women, whose work is often granted a low social value by Tajik cultural elites, are not unskilled workers but in many cases talented artists whose skills and expertise have not been sufficiently recognized. My talk will give an overview of my research topic, my fieldwork thus far, and further work I hope to conduct for my dissertation."

This is the first talk in the spring semester of the Graduate Student Brown Bag Talks, designed to allow students to share their research, work, experiences and goals with their peers.