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Nordic Film Series- Püha Tõnu kiusamine (The Temptation of St. Tony)

Mon, Mar 5, 7:00 pm
IU Cinema

Tony is a mid-level manager living the comfortable life of those who “made it” in the newly capitalist society. He starts to question the value of morality, and in a series of surrealist events, descends into a midlife crisis riddled by horrific, albeit hilarious visions. Surrounded by a daily existence defined by the depravity and desolation of a moral and ethical void, Tony’s quest for a clearer conscience appears doomed. The film calls into consideration whether goodness and capitalism can co-exist. In English, Estonian, Russian, French, and German with English subtitles. Contains mature content, including disturbing images of violence, sexual situations, and nudity.(Digital Presentation)

Image from the film The Temptation of St. Tony.

The event is free but ticketed.