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2017 SASLI Teaching Applications

Apply to Teach at SASLI

The SASLI 2017 teacher application is now open! The assured consideration deadline is February 5, 2017.

For detailed listings of the current job openings, please visit the Position Vacancy Listings (PVLs) linked below. There is a separate PVL for Hindi Lecturers, as there may be slightly different job duties for this position. The application process is the same regardless of position applying for. Please read the PVL postings carefully and contact us if you have questions.

Please read the Full Position Details linked to the PVL for comprehensive information on each position:

For Lecturers: PVL #89227
For Hindi Lecturers: PVL #89231
For Faculty Assistants: PVL #89232

Please use the UW-Madison online job portal for applications. Applications sent by mail or email will not be accepted. Required application materials for the online portal will include a letter of application and an up-to-date curriculum vitae.

**Finalists will pass through a second round of screening and may be required to submit additional information to SASLI.** Finalists will be contacted and given instructions for the second screening. Please contact SASLI with any questions about this process.

Assured Consideration Deadline: February 5, 2017.