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Course Development Grants for Gateway Honors Courses

Under the auspices of the Hutton International Experiences Program (HIEP) and in view of “Many Worlds, One Globe,” its multi-year series leading to the IU Bicentennial, the Hutton Honors College is pleased to announce the availability of $5,000 course development grants for HON-H courses (for Fall 2018, Summer 2018 or Spring 2019) that will utilize the resources of the IU Global Gateway Offices to allow students to gain in-depth knowledge about topics related to globalism and its effects on societies across the world. For more information on “Many Worlds, One Globe,” please see
Courses may range from the arts and sciences to the professional disciplines, including pre-law and interdisciplinary classes, and may focus on a variety of topics, including:
• The interaction between globalism and localism, with regard to current cultural, scientific, political, economic, and ethical matters
• Changes in historical perspective, addressing how globalism modifies the interpretation of the past, including cultural interpretations and perspectives
• The role of originality and diversity in a global context
• The perception of space and time: from traveling to social media and the internet, etc.
• The acceptance or rejection of different cultures
Proposals should address the course topic from the perspectives of two or more regions served by the IU Global Gateway Offices (Europe, South Asia, and East Asia). All proposals must include an international travel component to the regions addressed in the course. The Hutton Honors College envisions such a program would make use of the weeks before the beginning of the Spring Semester, the week of Spring Break, and/or the weeks immediately following the Spring Semester for the travel component, supplemented by a few intensive sessions to tie each experience together and relate back to the global theme. However, proposals using any combination of these time periods or other creative course schedules are welcome.
Tenure-Track and Permanent Non Tenure-Track faculty members from any IUB school are welcome to apply for this course development grant. All applicants need the email endorsement of their chairs or unit directors at the time of application; this endorsement should specify that the applicant would be released to teach for HHC during the semester requested. Successful applicants will be expected to serve in the capacity of faculty director during the international travel components.
Selection will be based on quality of teaching, intellectual originality and breadth, and potential significance for the Hutton pedagogical curriculum. Applicants are encouraged to creatively present how the international components will work together to deepen and solidify student understanding of the topic, while explaining the educational rationale behind the choice of a particular location or locations. Preference will be given to programs that illustrate how they will draw upon the resources of the IU Global Gateway Offices and have the potential to grow into an annual offering. (Note: Courses developed with HHC international course development grants must be approved by the IU Overseas Study Advisory Council (OSAC), before any recruiting, advertising, or scheduling for the proposed program begins. The Hutton Honors College HIEP Manager will work directly with faculty grant recipients to write and submit summer and spring program proposals for OSAC approval.)
Please send a sample syllabus, a course description (300 words max), an overview of the international experiential component, and a brief CV ( 2 pp. max.; please include education, current employment and title, and publications or courses taught if relevant to proposal) via email attachment (PDF) to by March 31, 2017. In the subject line, please enter "HHC/Global Gateway course development grant application.”
For any questions related to procedural, pedagogical, and academic matters, please write to