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Course Offering: Fighting for Peace: Political Conflict and Human Rights Interventions Worldwide

This course, offered by the Political Science Department, is an introduction to the fight for peace worldwide through the lens of political conflict and humanitarian intervention. We will focus on key issues such as state sovereignty and international humanitarian law; security (including topics such as terrorism); international conflict and human rights; and post-conflict peacebuilding. Case studies focused on human rights and conflict will include areas such as Darfur, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and Iraq. We will use films, simulations, group discussions, and readings to examine human rights from a variety of perspectives to show both the impact and limitations of human rights norms, especially during times of war and genocide.


Course #:     POLS-Y102

Credit:           IUB Gen Ed S&HandCOLL (CASE) S&H

Dates:            June 3-June 28, 2013

Instructor:    JaniceClark (