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Diplomacy Lab: New Project Bid Application - Fall 2017

We are writing to share information about an exciting new initiative that is now available to IUB faculty and students: Diplomacy Lab. Diplomacy Lab links university research (mainly through class projects) to real-world international diplomacy problems posed by organizations and embassies within the U.S. State Department. As of fall 2016, IUB has been designated as an official Diplomacy Lab institution. In spring 2017 we had full participation in this initiative with 8 projects across campus units. For the Fall 2017 round, the State Department has offered over 100 Diplomacy lab project proposals, whose topics cover every continent on Earth and topics ranging from culinary diplomacy to human rights, refugee assistance, global health to security concerns. Participating faculty and students are invited to take part in an annual Diplomacy Lab Fair hosted by the State Department each spring and in a local symposium hosted by the School of Global and International Studies (this year’s is tentatively scheduled for April 12).

Additional information about the program, the current list of topics, and information about the bidding process can be found at Note that the projects can be developed as both formal class projects and one-on-one mentoring projects—and at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Faculty can incorporate Diplomacy Lab projects into existing fall-semester courses. The deadline for bids is February 13.

We are coordinating the program on behalf of the IU campus, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please share this announcement with faculty members in your department who may be interested in involving their students in experiential projects. Please contact us via the address and we’ll do our best to help you through this exciting new project.