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Graduate Mentoring Center: Mentoring Conversations

Please join the Graduate Mentoring Center in a conversation about mentoring Underrepresented Minority Graduate Students

“Mentorships center on an emotional commitment, which focuses on the protégé’s personal and professional growth. Mentoring relationships, by nature are reciprocal and more enduring than relationships with an academic advisor, supervisor, or dissertation chair” (Lunsford & Baker. Great Mentoring in Graduate School: A Quick Start for Protégés. Occasional Paper Series. Council of Graduate Schools. Number 4. September 2016. Page 3).

However, how does one create, develop, and maintain such a relationship with the intention of supporting underrepresented minority graduate students? What is the responsibility of the mentor to understand, for example, the cultural, social, economic, and/or gendered contexts that shape mentee/protégé experiences and responses to them? What is the responsibility of the mentee/protégé to help the mentor understand these contexts? What strategies would be helpful to mentor and mentee/protégé when initiating and sustaining their relationship within the larger graduate school environment? How can these strategies be shared on campus?

Conversations: 8:30 am to 10:30 am.

October 13, IMU Sassafras: Scenes from the Academy: How Contexts Shape Our Mentoring Relationships
October 20, IMU Walnut: Mentoring Women across Disciplines
November 3, IMU Walnut: Mentoring Racially and Culturally Diverse Students across Disciplines

Space is limited. Please register by October 7th for one or more conversation and breakfast using the link HERE: