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The New Graduate Student Brown Bag Talks

The Graduate Student Brown Bag Talk Series is a new discussion series organized and hosted by the IAUNRC that premiered this fall. In these series of brown bag talks, graduate students that study the region from a variety of disciplines discuss their research, the projects they are working on, and their field experiences. The series is designed to give an opportunity for graduate students to share their work with their peers in an informal setting, though all are welcome. This allows attendees to learn more about the topics their fellow graduate students work on, as well as learn valuable information about conducting research, the process of writing a dissertation, and more, in a non-classroom setting. The series so far has been a great success.

The speakers this semester were from a variety of departments and disciplines and discussed a wide array of regions and time periods. Teresa Nichols, an Anthropology doctoral candidate, gave a talk on her recent field research on “Making and Managing Mongolian Heritage.” John Dechant, doctoral candidate in NELC, with minors in Central Eurasian Studies and Religious studies, shared his research into “Ahmad-i Jam and the Use of Miracle Stories in Hagiographic Literature.” Elise Anderson, a doctoral candidate in the Departments of Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Central Eurasian Studies, shared her field experience and findings on “Uyghur Arts, History and Heritage in Contemporary Xinjiang.” Kris Rees, a doctoral candidate in the Central Eurasian Studies and Political Science Departments, presented his work on “Multiculturalism in Kazakhstan.” The final talk this semester was by Dr. Tim Grose, who just recently earned his Ph.D. in Central Eurasian Studies, on his research on Uyghur education in Xinjiang.

Elise Anderson plays the dutar during her talk

The Graduate Student Brown Bag Talk Series will be continuing in the spring. A number of individuals have already expressed interest in speaking next semester. Graduate students who wish to give a talk are encouraged to contact us at . Because of the success of this semester, and enthusiasm shown from many attendees, next semester will have even more speakers, and hopefully the series can continue on in future years.