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Video Conferencing

The following video conferencing programs are available for free through the IAUNRC:

Contemporary Arts of the Silk Road

This presentation explores the post-colonial and post-Soviet interpretations and influences on contemporary art in Central Eurasia. Beginning with a discussion on Orientalism and using examples from contemporary Iran, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, we hope to emphasize that there are many new ways that the artistic and political legacies of the Silk Road continue to be expressed.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization

This presentation provides an overview of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a multilateral organization that is commonly seen as a counter to NATO, and its members. Along with a description of the unique challenges that the SCO must face, participants will also question the aims and strategies of multilateral organizations for furthering principles of democracy or autocracy.

Human Rights in Central Asia

This programs introduces students to the human rights situation in Central Asia and challenges them to think critically about the causes of and solutions to human rights violations.

Students will broadly explores a number of areas of human rights policy and practice in Central Asia, including some or all of the following:
a) Gender rights
b) Labor and employment rights
c) Rights in the justice system
d) Children's and family rights
e) Rights of the elderly and disabled
f) Educational, cultural and religious rights
g) National and ethnic minority rights
h) Freedom of expression and the media

Music of Inner Asia

This program features a brief overview the Inner Asian region before delving into a survey of music and instruments found today in various countries of the region. Includes music clips and sounds from many of the individual instruments showcased.