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Herman C. Hudson & James P. Holland

 Herman C. Hudson

James P. Holland

Motivate. Herman C. Hudson and James P. Holland, the namesakes of the Hudson & Holland Scholars Programs (HHSP), were dedicated to student success. Both had a powerful impact on Indiana University and were particularly instrumental in their efforts to address the needs of minority students.

The Hudson & Holland Scholars Program (HHSP) is an integral part of Indiana University’s efforts to foster educational diversity by encouraging students from underrepresented minority backgrounds with a history of discrimination to attend IU. The mission of the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program is to recruit, retain, and prepare students with outstanding records of academic achievement, strong leadership experience, and a commitment to social justice to be future leaders of tomorrow.

HHSP is one of Indiana University Bloomington’s premiere scholarship programs. The program serves and supports approximately 700 high-achieving underrepresented students through a four-year scholarship and strategically designed LEAD (Leadership, Excellence, Academics, Diversity) initiative. The focus is holistic, fostering academic, personal, and professional growth and development. Scholars must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA and participate in all programming, inclusive of advising; town hall meetings; service hours; graduate/professional school preparation; and LEAD conference, among other requirements. They are also required to complete an internship before senior year and are highly encouraged to study abroad before graduation.

Dr. Herman C. Hudson

Hudson created programs at IU that recruited, retained, and graduated minority students. These programs include the Minority Achievers Program, the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies, and the African American Arts Institute (which includes the Soul Revue, the Choral Ensemble, and the African American Dance Company). The Hudson Scholars Program assists students pursuing degrees in any major.

Dr. James P. Holland

Holland, a distinguished professor of biology at IU, served as a strong advocate and caring mentor for students of color pursuing degrees in the sciences. He was known as someone who remembered your name, even if he’d met you only once—the kind of professor students want and every professor strives to become. During his time at IU, he taught more than 11,000 undergraduate students and received every major teaching award on the Bloomington campus, including the Distinguished Service Award in 1994 and the Chancellor’s Medallion in 1997. The Holland Scholars Program supports promising undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the sciences.

"The Hudson & Holland Scholars Program employs a holistic student development philosophy for high-achieving scholars, enhancing their academic, personal, and professional development while in pursuit of higher education, career, or vocational placement." —Dr. Virginia LeBlanc
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