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Forms for Planning and Assessing a videoconference

When planning a videoconference, it is always important to consider how well the videoconference fits within the overall learning objectives of a course, project or program. The following forms can help instructors plan and assess videoconference. For anyone who is using Digital Pathways to coordinate their videoconference, we would like to request a copy of the assessment form so we can use the information to improve our services. Please send to

Planning Form

This form can help instructors, presenters and facilitors understand the objectives of the videoconference and create a schedule for the event. Work with distant site instructors and presenters to make sure the event meets these objectives and the schedule flows well.

Assessment Form

This form can help instructors evaluate the effectiveness of the videoconference to accomplish the desired learning objectives. It can also be used as a part of departmental or budgetary reports. In addition, instructors can adapt this form for students, in order to get feedback from the class about how well the videoconference went.