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Preparing for a Videoconference

A videoconference is a meeting, presentation or event that uses audio-visual communication technologies to allow two or more sites to interact.  This technology includes classroom-sized systems such as Tandberg and Polycom systems available in designated rooms across campus as well as personal videoconferencing software such as Skype and ooVoo installed on many campus computers.  Using this technology, classrooms on IU's campus can be connected with classrooms and experts around the world. 

As with all classroom resources and presentations, videoconferencing requires a little technological know-how and careful pedagogical planning.  The following sections will help instructors and presenters get started.  For more information, please see the IU resources and additional links provided on this site.

Pedagogical Aspects

By integrating international videoconferences into the curriculum, instructors can enhance the learning experience of their students through a discussion with an expert or an interactive encounter with students on the other side of the globe.  Students can learn how what they study at IU is connected to scholarship going on around the world.

Technological Aspects

While the technology may be daunting for some, the goal is not to use the most complex, high-tech system but the one that lends itself to the best educational experience.  When considering what technology to use for videoconferencing, the most important rule is to let the needs of the presentation and classroom drive the technology and not the other way around.