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IU Resources and Links

Videoconferencing Technology

The following groups and services provide information about conducting videoconferences on IU's campus.

The primary resource for videoconferencing technology at IU is VICOPS, a unity of the Telecommunication Division of University Information Technology Services. Their goal is to provide both technology and training for the use of interactive video technology. Their site provides information about room scheduling, using IStream to record and share meetings and further information about sharing media. There are also several videos available for learning how to use Outlook to schedule rooms and create ad hoc conferences.
Contact:, (812) 856-2020

Classroom Technology Services
Classroom Technology Services works with other UITS departments to provide necessary permanent and mobile equipment for campus classrooms. They can help instructors purchase, install, and operate classroom equipment. This group can help with technical support for both videoconferencing technology and peripheral equipment such as document cameras.

UITS Knowledge Base Document regarding videoconferencing at IU
This site provides the basic information and contacts for conducting videoconferencing meetings at IU. There is information about systems, lists of campus resources and instructions for equipment usage. It also provides links to further resources and contacts.

International Scholarship

The following programs and departments focus on enhancing the international scholarship across campus. They can provide helpful information about establishing contacts and planning meetings with international universities, organizations and scholars.

Further resources and Links

The following links are to groups and programs specifically designed to enhance international scholarship using videoconferencing technology:

General videoconferencing guidelines and information:

Resources and guidelines developed for other universities:

While many of these sites are designed for K-12 education and specific programs, they offer further tips, examples and considerations for videoconferencing usage in the classroom.