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Lecture by Glenn Close Tuesday, November 5: "Ending Stigma, Changing Minds, and Saving Lives through Mental Health Advocacy"

Study findings cited by The President's National Conference on Mental Health, and new BringChange2Mind PSA

American Journal of Public Health piece featured in "Huffington Post"

American Journal of Public Health Topics Q&A: Mental health stigma as a public health concern

The 28th Annual Rosalynn Carter Symposium on Mental Health Policy
Nov. 1-2, 2012:
Beyond Stigma: Advancing the Social Inclusion of People with Mental Illness. Bernice Pescosolido and David Shern, Facilitators; Rosalynn Carter, Concluding Remarks, Town Hall Meeting.

Pescosolido named Advisory Council Chair for BringChange2Mind



The Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research (ICMHSR) is an inter-disciplinary program bringing together academic researchers from universities across the country with government leaders, consumers, and advocates to discuss and study the interface of the community and the treatment system. The Consortium focuses on developing scholarly and applied research projects pertaining to mental health and related services for people with severe mental disorders. The Consortium is committed to using research to foster public awareness and improving public policy and decision-making regarding these devastating illnesses.

The ICMHSR does not provide nor recommend services.