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Audio Habituation during Background Listening

 Robert F. Potter, Nicole Fritz and Josh Sites

Identifying Psychophysiological Markers of Individual Online Bidding Behavior

Lingyao Yuan, Alan Dennis, and Robert F. Potter

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A Study of First Impressions in Interpersonal Contexts and Trait Motivation Impact on Cortical Activation during Still Image Viewing

Amy Gonzales, Robert F. Potter, Yijie Wu, Mona Malacane, Glenna Read, Anthony Almond, and Sharon Mayell

Coping Styles and Motivational Reactivity

Jingjing Han and Annie Lang

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The Impact of Tactile Interaction on Product Evaluations

Heeryung Kim, Shanker Krishnan, Robert F. Potter, and Kelly Herd


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Cognitve Load and Video Games

Glenna Read, Teresa Lynch, and Nicole Martins


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Video Game and Decision Making Study

Nicholas Matthews and Andrew Weaver