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Media Use and Social Capital

 Steffie Kim, Amy Gonzales

Discrete Emotional Flow across Web Video Clips

Jessica Gall Myrick, Regan Brown

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Identity and Advertising

Glenna Read-Bullock, Robert F. Potter

E-cigarette Commercials and News on China

Shaojing Sun, Jingjing Han, Xia Zheng, Robert F. Potter

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Habituation of Automatic Attention Capture by Audio during Cognitive Load

Joshua Sites, Ted Jamison-Koenig, Xia Zheng, Robert F. Potter

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Effects of New Media on Self-regulation

Irene Van Driel, Walter Gantz

Election Survey 2016

Nicholas Browning

Examining the Impact of Twitter on Enjoyment and Sports Viewing

Lauren Smith

Media Audience Perceptions of Mental Illness

Rachelle Pavelko, Jessica Gall Myrick

 Laptop Room Banner

Video Game Difficulty and Perception of Female Characters

Jessica Tompkins, Nicole Martins

Group Decision-making in Online Environments 

Yeweon Kim, Amy Gaonzales