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Experiments are conducted using video stimuli or web pages stored locally for control or through the World Wide Web.  Subjects view stimuli on a 42-inch monitor and listen either through external speakers or headphones. Similar to all individual-subject labs in the ICR, stimulus presentation in Lab A can be time-locked to psychophysiological data collection.  Since Lab A is configured to bypass the Windows system when time-locking, it is utilized when millisecond accuracy is required.

Psychophysiological variables measured in Lab A include: 

•  Heart Rate Activity (EKG) to index attention paid to media 

•  Skin Conductance Activity (EDA) to index excitement/arousal in response to media 

•  Facial Muscle Activity (EMG) to index emotional response to mediaStartle Reflex to     measure human defensive system activation in response to media

•  Brain Wave Activity in 4-channels of EEG data can be collected from any scalp location 

Lab A may be used for non-psychophysiological research as well.  Media Lab and Direct RT software is installed to allow for researcher control over stimuli delivery as well as a measurement of a range of dependent variables from self-reported scales to secondary task reaction time (STRT). 

Other features unique to Lab A include: 

•  X-Box 360 Game Console to study single-player video game experiences