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This lab is configured for individual subject participation.  Experiments are conducted using video stimuli or web pages stored locally for control or through the World Wide Web.  Subjects view stimuli on a 42-inch monitor and listen either through external speakers or headphones.

Similar to all individual-subject labs in the ICR, stimulus presentation in Lab C can be time-locked to psychophysiological data collection.  Lab C time-locking is subject to restrictions of Windows 7 command cues.  Psychophysiological variables measured in Lab C include:  

•  Heart Rate Activity (EKG) to index attention paid to media

•  Skin Conductance Activity (EDA) to index excitement/arousal in response to media

•  Facial Muscle Activity (EMG) to index emotional response to media

•  Startle Reflex to measure human defensive system activation in response to media

•  Brain Wave Activity in 14 specific cranial locations using the Emotiv system

Lab C may be used for non-psychophysiological research as well.  Media Lab and Direct RT software is installed to allow for researcher control over stimuli delivery as well as a measurement of a range of dependent variables from self-reported scales to secondary task reaction time (STRT).

Other features unique to Lab C include:

•  Eye Tracking Capability using a Tobii TX300

•  Stimuli Presentation and Study Control Using E-Prime