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Indiana University Bloomington

International Students Related Teaching Tips

  • Get to know your students at the beginning of the semester and learn to pronounce their names correctly.
  • Do not single out the international student to "represent" his/her country.
  • When asking a student about his or her experience, stressing the student as an individual rather than as a representative of a country will encourage the student without making him or her feel alien.
  • Incorporate the special angle/perspective international students can bring into your class.
  • Do not overlook the potential tensions between international students in your class due to traditional enmities or clashes of cultural values.
  • Expect international students to have different expectations regarding classroom practices and that it takes time for the students to adjust to "American style" of teaching and learning.
  • Establish a safe classroom atmosphere through the ground rules of discussion and keep channels of communication open in your office hours so as to give students the chance to adjust to your classroom more quickly.