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Indiana University Bloomington

Race Related Teaching Tips

  • Do not adopt preconceived notions and attitudes about minority students' ability to perform, high or low.
  • Honestly explore your and your students' personal views and attitudes towards minority groups/students in general
  • Do not assume that there is a "collective identity" minortity students share. Instead, treat minority students as individuals.
  • Be sensitive to students' expressed tribal affiliation when native Americans are concerned since students from different tribes have their own cultural heritage of which they are proud of.
  • Encourage students to get to know each other both during and after class. This would allow students the opportunity to let others in class know the terminology they would like others in the class to use to refer to them, their culture, and etc.
  • Do not assume the identity or racial affiliation of a student based on his/her physical appearances.
  • Approach students one-on-one rather than singling them out in class.
  • Ask students about their preferred names and learn to correctly pronounce their names.
  • Pay equal attention to all students.