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Ebrownbag Video Series

Legacy VIP Videos System

The Office of Instructional Consulting is pleased to continue to offer archives of our popular professional development online videos through our Virtual Internet Presenter (VIP) system! This system allows viewers to see the video presentation accompanied by large, easy-to-read synchronized PowerPoint slides.

Some of the videos below require either RealPlayer.   You can download it by clicking on the appropriate icon below.   Look for the link to the free media player. Problems installing software on your IU workstation? Call ETS at 812-856-8400.

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These sessions are produced by the Office of Instructional Consulting staff, and are copyright 2009 Indiana University.

AVAILABLE PRESENTATIONS: (Note: Presentations (listed as having the type "VIP") are available with a synchronized Powerpoint slide presentation.  At the moment, the synchronization works with Windows PCs only. Mac users will need to navigate the slides manually.)

Team-Based Learning Walt Wager from Florida State University shares his strategies for team-based learning. Walt Wager VIP
"Hyper-Engaging" Lectures: Low-Risk, Low-Time, Low-Cost

Dr. Bonk provides more than 100 ways to liven up your lectures and get your students involved and engaged in learning.


Curt Bonk VIP
Identifying and Dealing with Plagiarism

Learn about multiple ways to detect student plagiarism, causes of the problem, and how to deal with it when it is detected. The latest antiplagiarism technology is described.


Elizabeth Boling Real
Teaching with Web-based Discussion Forums

Dr. Pawan describes her experiences teaching with online discussion forums, and provides guidelines for using these tools with students.


Faridah Pawan Real
Teaching Online: Perspectives from Teachers and Students

Distance Education Program instructors and students discuss the benefits and challenges of online distance education.


Tom Watson et al. VIP
Technology and Diversity Experts from across campus share their thoughts on Technology and Diversity Amy Lawson, Katy Fraser, Joelene Bergonzi, Curt Bonk, & Enrique Galindo VIP
Tools to Promote Problem-Based Inquiry in Social Studies: The Persistent Issues in History Network Tom Brush describes an innovative Internet-based project. Tom Brush VIP
Shongololo Interconnectivity Project

Lunga Molapo and Joy Rosario speak on the Shongololo Interconnectivity Project, an internet project which sets up twin schools in the UK and South Africa


Lunga Molapo and Joy Rosario VIP
Scaffolded learning

Joy Rosario talk on her speciality, scaffolded learning


Joy Rosario VIP
Surrogate Parenting, Good Mothers, and Nice Families

Dr. Butera describes the perspectives of novice special educators about family involvement

Part of the Faculty Research Colloquium series.


Gretchen Butera VIP
La Escuela de Vida: Latino/a Perspectives on PI

Dr. Gerardo Lopez presents on the topic of Parent Involvement in Indiana

Part of the Faculty Research Colloquium series.


Gerardo Lopez VIP
Popular Culture and Political Socialization

Dr. Dilworth and Dr. Kirkland present popular culture and political socialization: Implications for Democratic education. Part of the faculty research colloquium series.


Paulette Dilworth & Kipchoge Kirkland VIP
Children Left Behind: Suspension and Expulsion in Indiana's Schools

Russ Skiba presents issues related to suspension and expulsion in Indiana's schools.

Part of the Faculty Research Colloquium series.


Russ Skiba VIP
Student Engagement: The right idea at the right time

Martha McCarthy presents results of recent survey on student engagement in K-12 education.

Part of the Faculty Research Colloquium series.


Martha McCarthy VIP
Civic Education in Indonesia

Dr. Bull and Dr.Sutton discuss civic education in indonesia. (informal conversation)


Barry Bull and Peg Sutton VIP
Critical Writing Pedagogy: Examining Issues of Power and Identity in Children's Narratives

Dr. Lewison discusses critical writing pedagogy and discourse analysis.



Dr. Mitzi Lewison VIP
Teaching Students with Disabilities to Read: Studies from the Brock Reading Clinic

Dr. Williamson presents recent research in the area of reading education.

Part of the Faculty Research Colloquium series.


Genny Willamson VIP

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Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis: New Tools for Educators This introductory workshop includes presentation, demonstration and discussion of the educational and research uses of each of new technologies; Podcasts, Blogs, Wikis.

Essex, Cheng, Hur & Milliard

iLife for Educators 1: iTunes

Mark Millard, IC consultant, leads a hands-on workshop on the uses of Apple's audio capture and management software.


Mark Millard VIP
iLife for Educators 2: iPhoto

Mike Sassman, Apple campus representative, discusses educational uses of iPhoto and demonstrates the application.


MIke Sassman VIP
iLife for Educators 3: iMovie

In this presentation, Chris Essex describes educational uses of iMovie and presents the basics of its interface.


Chris Essex VIP

Teaching Online: Engaging Students in Cyberspace

Handout #1 (PDF)
Handout #2 (PDF)

Teaching for active learning is a challenge. In an online environment,
it is essential. In this presentation, Dr. Karen Hallett introduces some pedagogical issues and design tips geared toward the development of activities that encourage student engagement, particularly online discussion.


Karen Hallett VIP
Oncourse CL Overview TLTC and IC offer a short presentation intoducing the Oncourse CL interface and comparing it to the old Oncourse

James S. Julovich



Digital Video Production

This presentation describes the entire digital video production process. This includes shooting, editing and delivering of your digital video.


Chris Essex VIP

Simulations in Teaching: Multimedia PBL Cases


The real-life nature of simulations prepares students to respond to the problems they will face in their careers


Terry Ochoa VIP
SiteScape Forum, Oncourse Next Generation, Navigo, E-portfolios, and now Sakai: What are Your Online Teaching Options?

Do you use or plan to use Oncourse, SiteScape Forum, or some other online tool for your classes? Do you want to know what you will have access to in the near future for online teaching as well as online assessment and student portfolios.


Brad Wheeler, David Goodrum, and Jim Julovich. Hosted by Curt Bonk. VIP
Desktop Publishing Using Microsoft Publisher

This presentation covers basic desktop publishing design principles for text, grahics, color, space, and style. Microsoft Publisher is discussed and introduced. Output options, scanning, and copyright issues are also touched upon.


Mark Millard VIP
Web Accessibility

Through this workshop, participants can acquire knowledge and skills regarding Web accessibility standards and guidelines to maximize Web accessibility for all learners, with or without disabilities. They can also apply these standards and guidelines to make their online or partially online courses accessible.


Seak-Zoon Roh VIP
Another View of Web Accessibility

How do the blind view websites? What can be done to ensure that your website is readable by blind visitors viewing the site through a refreshable braille device? Find out in this illuminating video presentation.


Seak-Zoon Roh and Mary Stores VIP

Addressing Student Motivation and Learning Styles with Different Blends of Technology.


Do you use or plan to use Oncourse, SiteScape Forum, or some other online tool for your classes? Do you want to know what you will have access to in the near future for online teaching as well as online assessment and student portfolios.


Curt Bonk VIP
Web Search Strategies

How can you help your students efficiently and effectively find useful and nonbiased information on the Net?


Elizabeth Boling Real
Designing Online Course Components

Dr. Appelman describes how the latest technologies can be utilized to improve existing courses.


Bob Appelman Real
Creativity and Technology in Education

Dr. Plucker describes ways to tap into student creativity while utilizing techonologies of various types.


Jonathan Plucker Real
Using Breeze to Connect with Students

This workshop introduces you to Adobe Acrobat Connect (formerly Macromedia Breeze), a web collaboration tool that provides a virtual classroom environment for sharing presentations, images, and desktop applications with remote participants/students. You can also take advantage of features like a digital whiteboard, text chat, polling, and audio/video broadcasting. Professor Roberto Garcia discusses how he used Breeze to enhance his online classes.


Roberto Garcia VIP
Video Analysis Using ProcoderDV

Jon Tapp from the Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development at Vanderbilt University discusses the ways in which ProcoderDV can be used in educational research. The School of Education's own Andrea McDuffie introduces him and describes how she is using the program in her research on early language learning of children with autism.


Jon Tapp VIP