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Welcome to The Office of Instructional Consulting website.

We invite you to check our website and let us know what you think. You will find valuable instructional resources, content and features. As always, we invite you to stop by and see us, or contact us to schedule an appointment.


IC Staff

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DE video series


Video Primers in an Online Repository for e-Teaching & Learning

In this highly popular video podcast series, Dr. Curt Bonk, Professor in Instructional Systems Technology, covers topics that address successful planning and teaching strategies for online courses.

Whether you are new or a veteran online instructor, take a look at topics,  such as preparing effective activities, blended learning, online writing activities, engaging students through Web 2.0 technologies, and building instructor presence in an online environment. Furthermore, important issues such as assessing student learning or archiving and updating your courses are also highlighted.  Each video is typically only 8-10 minutes in length and supplemented with additional resources, examples, and talk handouts.  

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Lynda website

Free access to all e-learning library!

All IU faculty, students and staff members can access all educational materials from which include video-based tutorials on a great variety of software applications such as Adobe programs, Microsoft Office, Mac applications, etc.

Click here to learn more about and to see an example of a short tutorial.

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Online course design and delivery tutorial

This tutorial is mainly intended for higher education instructors and teaching assistants who are teaching an online course for the first time. However, even experienced online instructors might find helpful recommendations and best practices too.

Click here to learn more about Online Course Design & Delivery

IC Office: Exemplary Service and Support

Below is a list of services & support we provide at the IC.
This is not a comprehensive list, but is meant to provide you with a general idea of how we can help.

We consult with SoE faculty, instructors, and staff in the areas:

  • Innovation and improvement in Teaching & Learning
  • Course evaluation, design, and analysis
  • Presentation, design and delivery of digital media and other course content
  • Provide support and consultation in the use and application of emerging pedagogies and technologies for learning
  • Technologies for audio and video delivery of instructional materials
  • Technologies for communication and collaboration
  • Digital video production on windows and mac
  • Support for online and blended learning
  • Support for graphic design and desktop publishing
  • Support of scanning and document conversion

Please feel invited to contact us for an appointment or individual consultation, or feel free to stop by and see us!