Evaluation - Before Course Starts

Ssuggestions of external people who could evaluate your course before it starts:

Fellow Instructor(s). Instructors who have taught similar topics could provide very helpful feedback about the course content, activities, and types of assessment, especially if they already have experience teaching online.

Teaching Assistant(s). Most TA's are already familiar with the content of the class they're helping to teach. They could evaluate the easiness to locate the resources and to navigate through the content following the course outline. They could also review that all the links and instructional materials are properly accessible.

Instructional Consultant(s). Consultants at the Instructional Consulting Office could also help you in evaluating your course. They could give you useful feedback about the way you are planning to integrate technology into your class and address potential pitfalls.

The form located in the following link could help those assisting you in evaluating your course: http://fits.depaul.edu/Documents/selfcheck.html