Evaluation - During Course is Taught

Online ParticipationAn on-going course evaluation might provide more accurate information about potential changes needed to improve some of the instructional elements in the course due to the freshness, immediacy, and directness of the interaction with the content and students. Some ways to conduct an on-going evaluation include:

Instructor's journal. A journal is a convenient way to keep track of potential ways to improve assigned instructional materials, recently conducted activities, issues related with technology used, etc. The key is to write potential alternatives to issues down as soon as they were detected to avoid forgetting them.

Students' opinion. Students' sef-reflections on their participation in a recently completed activity, including insights about ways to improve it, might give you some suggestions to consider.

Mid-term evaluation. Instead of waiting until the course is over to evaluate it, you could ask students to submit anonymously a mid-term course evaluation including quality of the course, instructor-student interaction, relevance of assignments, etc.