Planning - Schedule

Schedule ImagePreparing a course schedule is a critical task in planning an online course. It is especially important to have a complete course schedule that may be subject to change depending on class need, but complete so that the students know what is expected in terms of readings, class plans, assignments, and most importantly discussion timeline.

If you are planning a more structured online course where you are setting up a discussion timetable in order to prescribe specific roles to students, you need to make the timetable and present it to students in advance so that they can let you know of any possible conflicts or commitments during the first few days of the course so you can make the appropriate schedule changes.
It is always a good idea to consult faculty and colleague who have previously taught the course when designing course schedule in order to make sure you give sufficient time and opportunity for students to complete readings, assignments, and ask questions; and for yourself to efficiently provide feedback and assess student work.
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