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Indiana University Bloomington

Studio 2261

Welcome to Studio 2261

Education Technology Services (ETS) and the Office of Instructional Consulting (IC) are working together to manage Studio 2261. Studio 2261 provides faculty members and associate instructors (AIs) in the School of Education with diverse functions such as web-conferencing, collaborative workspaces, podcasting and streaming services, and multimedia production. We encourage faculty members and AI's think about how to use Studio 2261 for your teaching and learning and take advantage of the many functions that are available.


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1. Studio 2261 Reservations

Faculty members and Associate Instructors (AIs) in the School of Education can reserve the Studio for their classes as well as for student use. There are two options to reserve the studio:

1.1 In Person reservation

Contact or stop by the Office of Instructional Consulting in Room 2002 the 2nd floor and reserve Studio 2261. You may also call us at 812-85-8409.

1.2 Online reservation

Make an online reservation on the SoE Intranet and click HERE to see how to make a reservation on SoE Intranet.


2. Location of Studio 2261

The studio is located in Room 2261 on the second floor of the School of Education Building. (See the map below.)


3. Studio 2261 Functions

3.1 Web-conferencing

Web-conferencing allows for interactive communication with people in remote locations. In Studio 2261, blended/hybrid courses are held every semester using web-conferencing programs (e.g. Adobe Connect, Skype, or Lync). Faculty members and AIs can communicate with online students in a full-class or small group setting in real time. If you are interested in holding your class in the studio, please contact the IC office so we can discuss the different options and if it would be a good solution for your classroom.





3.2 Live video streaming (e.g. guest speaker, conference)

The podcasting studio has several options available for live streaming a class or conference, or bringing in a quest speaker so that participants in other locations can follow along and participate in real-time with the rest of the class. Events in the studio can also be recorded and archived for later distribution.







3.3 Podcasting, Video capture, & Photography

Studio 2261 allows for professional podcast production. Studio 2261 can also accommodate to video-capture individual and panel presentations. The studio even features a professional green-screen that can be used to add/remove backgrounds for video and photography productions, including podcasts.


3.4 Multimedia Production

The studio can also be used for multimedia and video work. With professional lighting, the studio is even capable of very high quality video recordings. A faculty member, for instance, may produce a quick introduction video for a his/her own online course. Instructors can also reserve the studio so that his/her students can conduct a class project requiring media production.


4. Studio 2261 Services

4.1 Studio support

The Office of Instructional Consulting provides supports with furniture configuration, equipment & devices setup, and other preparation for use of the studio. In some classes, one of our staff members will be available to help monitor and start a class to help out with any technical problems that may occur during the meeting or class.


4.2 Studio tour

If you are intersted in discussing ways that you may be able to use the studio in your teaching, please contact us to schedule a tour of the studio. This tour will be helpful for those who have not used the studio before, or to get new ideas on how you might be able to use the studio. We are constantly looking for ways to make the studio more useful for the school and we would have love to talk with you and show you the studio.


4.3 Job aids

Below are job aids so that you can find more information about how to use the studio. You can access these job aids from the IC website as well as using a smartphone with a QR code reader when in the studio. Each QR code directly links to the website.

Job Aids/Action Guides Description
How to use video conferencing This job aid provides three types of video conferencing in Studio 2261 (e.g. Adobe Connect, Skype, and Polycom).
How to control light system in Studio 2261 This job aid provides instructions for the light system in Studio 2261.
How to use Adobe Connect on the iPhone/iPad This job aid provides instructions for using Adobe Connect on an iPhone or iPad.