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Indiana University Bloomington

Course Web Design

Publishing a Course Website on IU Webservers (Mercury or Webserve):

This is a more traditional (and sligtly more complex) method for publishing content to the web using technologies such as an HTML editor, and FTP. This is only a very quick conceptual overview of the process. for detailed information, please stop by the IC or see the links found within this page for more information.

This is meant to be a brief overview of the steps required to create a course website. For more details on the procedure, visit the IU Webmaster site.

1. Get a Mercury web account (on the server) or a Webserve account (on the server). 

2. Sketch out an quick overview of your site. It might look like this:

The Structure of My Website image

3. Create the web text files you will need, using an HTML editor or a WYSIWYG editor such Dreamweaver. Save the files on your computer in the same directory. 

4. Create any graphics you will need by scanning in photos or creating new graphic images with Adobe Photoshop. 

5. Test out your files on your home computer. 

6. Put your files on the web by using FTP, Fetch, or the Publish or Upload feature of your HTML Editor. The webserver will be either or 

7. Test your files on the webserver. 

8. Advertise your course website through traditional means and online (email, newsgroups, mailing lists, other websites, web directories and search engines).