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Indiana University Bloomington


Powerpoint 2007: Tips & Tricks

Friday, Sept., 14, 2007 from 10:00am - 12:00pm
School of Education Bldg., ED2015

The 2007 Instructional Consulting Workshop Series continues with a session on Microsoft Powerpoint 2007, the ever-popular presentation software. Although you may use this software nearly every day in your teaching and presenting at conferences, there have been some significant changes in the new version that comes bundled in Office 2007. This workshop is designed to provide information about the new features and differences in the new 2007 version. In particular, the workshop will provide:

  • Overview of new interface changes
  • New features for layout, formatting, and presentation
  • Incorporating media such as graphs, images, video, and sound clips
  • New features for quickly creating photo albums
  • Security and sharing options
  • Compatibility issues with previous versions

The IC staff will be there for demonstration and discussion, and there will be time at the end of the workshop for hands-on work and exploration.

This presentation is hosted and supported by the IC Staff: Karen Hallett, Mark Millard, Ji Young Chong, and Peter van Leusen.

Workshop Resources

New Features in PowerPoint2007  (ppt)