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Indiana University Bloomington


Creating Podcasts with GarageBand on the Mac, Fall 2008 Workshop

September 17, 2008, 10:00am - 11:00am in Wells Library, Room 305 (west tower)

The 2008 Instructional Consulting Workshop Series continues with a session on creating podcasts on the Mac, in collaboration with our friends at the TLTC. Would still images help communicate the message of your audio podcast? Join Mark Millard, from the Office of Instructional Consulting at the School of Education, for a demonstration and discussion on how to use GarageBand to record and edit audio podcasts, as well as add synced images to create an enhanced podcast. Although GarageBand is only available for the Mac, the podcasts can be viewed on any computer and most portable media players.
Note: This workshop will be held at the TLTC facility in the Wells Library, room 305 west.

Presented by Karen Hallett, Mark Millard, Peter van Leusen and Firat Soylu of the Office of Instructional Consulting.

Workshop Materials:

Enhanced Podcasting Handout