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Indiana University Bloomington


Changing Mindsets, Motivating Students (Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.) - Fall 2012


  • Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2pm

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The Office of Instructional Consulting is hosting this Education Week webinar by renowned psychologist Carol Dweck. SoE faculty, AIs, and staff are invited to attend this great opportunity (free).

In this webinar, Carol Dweck will discuss how teachers can use new discoveries in cognitive development to improve student motivation and engagement. Through her intensive research, Dweck has found that students who believe intelligence is a fixed quality are more likely to avoid challenging tasks, while students who believe intelligence can be developed with effort tend to be more successful. She'll discuss some of the most common mistakes teachers make in trying to motivate students and detail strategies for promoting a "growth mindset" rather than "fixed mindset" in the classroom

For more information, please visit the webinar's website.