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Phase III

Years 4 and 5 (fall 2016-spring 2018) constitute the third phase of the IDReAM project. The purposes of the project in these two years are to continue to study:

During Phase III Amy, the classroom teacher, and research team members will co-conduct design experiments with whole classrooms of middle school students. Amy will co-teach a unit with up to 4 classroom teachers from the Teacher Study Group in which we will plan together to differentiate instruction. This way of doing research is about using teaching as a method of investigation into teaching and learning. Using teaching as a method of investigation requires developing conjectures about students’ ways of thinking and classroom instruction and making tests of those conjectures in the process of teaching. So, each of these design experiments requires gathering initial data about students via written assessments and interviews, as well as follow-up assessments and interviews.

From summer 2016 onward we are planning for Phase III. Planning includes obtaining approval for the phase from the involved schools and districts, developing the nature of co-teaching that will be used in the classroom experiments, augmenting project equipment to capture classrooms well, and getting feedback from advisory board members.