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The Institute for Development Strategies was established in 1984 as the Regional Economic Development Institute by the Indiana University Board of Trustees. It was created to further research, graduate-level education and scholarly exchange in the area of economic development and development policy. Its name changed in 1990 to more accurately reflect its focus and mission.

The Institute for Development Strategies serves as a focal point for Indiana University's intellectual contributions to the economic development field and coordinates related faculty research, seminars, courses, and workshops and conferences. It reports to both the University's Research and Graduate Development Office and to the School of Public and Environmental Affairs.




This $1.2 million Chair was awarded to Indiana University in 1992 by the Ameritech Foundation. The Chair was established after a five-year effort to create an "Ameritech Fellowship Program," supported by a $500,000 grant from the Ameritech Foundation and based in the Institute for Development Strategies.

During its first five years, over 35 faculty members conducted research under this program. Ameritech Fellowship projects targeted major issues related to the new and emerging economies of mature economic regions, with emphasis placed on the American Midwest.

The Ameritech Chair of Economic Development, based in the Institute for Development Strategies, carries on many of the efforts established by the Ameritech Fellowship program. Dr. David B. Audretsch was appointed the second Ameritech Chair in 1998. Dr. Charles F. Bonser served as the Chair from 1992 through 1997. 

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