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9/18/12: Diariodecadiz. "Se debe dar prioridad al conocimiento. La austeridad no crea competitividad." EN

9/12/12: Libre Cours "L’entrepreneuriat passé à la loupe"

9/11/12: Associated Press, "Company Owners more Upbeat About Post-Election Biz."

5/10/11: Indianapolis Business Journal, "Foes see different paths to revival"

3/16/11: David Audretsch testifed at the House Small Business Committee hearing entitled, "Spurring Innovation and Job Creation: The SBIR Program." Hearing schedule. Dr. Audretsch's testimony (pdf / video).

6/21/10: David Audretsch talks about start up businesses as a significant result of university research in an Indiana University news release

6/7/10: David Audretsch quoted in Indiana University's Perspectives on Policy: "IU students get a front-row seat for the European financial crisis."

2/24/10: David Audretsch quoted in Star Tribune : "Grass isn't greener across the pond."

2/22/10: David Audretsch quoted in BusinessWeek on U.S. and European economic developments: "Obama Chases European Mirage That's Made in U.S."

10/31/09: David Audretsch interviewed by Cinco Dias magazine.

03/11/09: As featured in Comunicati Stampa, David Audretsch will be participating in the "Festival of the City Enterprise" on the topic of Innovate to Beat the Crisis in Maniago, Italy in April.

02/18/09: Recently released book edited by David Audretsch: Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Public Policy, Cambridge University Press, 2009.



David Audretsch

Prof. Audretsch discusses his book at Cornell University. Find his talk at Cornell Universitys eClips.

Prof. Audretsch discusses his book "The Entrepreneurial Society" in this film series. Find his talk at the Erfurt School of Public Policy on Youtube.

Prof. Audretsch joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the impact that place - the location of your business - has on the business strategy, and how technology has impacted thinking about location on .

Prof. Audretsch joins Jim Blasingame to dissuss why communities should invest in helping homegrown entrepreneurs be successful .

Prof. Audretsch joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the importance of creating an entrepreneurial community for long-term growth, from the entrepreneurial curriculum in schools to the infrastructure .

Sameeksha Desai

Prof. Desai joins Jim Blasingame to discuss her work on how entrepreneurs behave across a range of instability and what is necessary for them to sustain their entrepreneurial activity .

Prof. Desai joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how entrepreneurship promotes liberty and how the two become symbiotic partners .

Prof. Desai joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the top elements every entrepreneur must have to start and grow, plus policy issues that hinder financing as well .

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