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We invite your participation in the IDT Record. We have set up several avenues for your participation, and welcome your suggestions for others.

Peer-reviewed articles are accepted for review on a continuous basis. When you send us your email address, we will respond with instructions for submitting a manuscript via email. Reviewers are drawn from the editorial board of the IDT Record and from volunteer reviewers who have registered with us. Articles should be 3,000 - 5,000 words, and we seek in particular articles addressing topics that cross disciplinary boundaries, raise important emerging issues in the field, or describe innovative practices and concepts.

Short Papers
This is a flexible format, and is intended to serve as a thoughtful but informal way for writers to raise questions and explore issues before they are ready to produce fully-formed articles. Individual short papers should be 1000-1500 words long, or as close as possible. We reserve the right to request that you edit a short paper longer than 1500 words. Please include web-friendly figures and tables if you need them. If your paper requires specific formatting, send a PDF file.We encourage our readers to respond to short papers with short papers of their own. Your new paper will appear as a link on the page with the original paper or collection of papers in a certain topic. Some short papers are actually collections of short papers that have been requested from writers as a group, or have built up as readers submit additional papers on a topic. You will find the complete list for any topic on the left side of the screen with the original paper.

Features and Interviews
Suggest a feature that we might include in the IDT Record, or let us know about someone you would like to have interviewed -- or that you would like to interview for us! We would like to publish interviews with people who have new ideas about Instructional Design and Technology and people who work in related disciplines whose views and ideas will be relevant to those in the field.

Book Reviews
The IDT Record welcomes book reviews. We are particularly interested in reviews of titles outside the narrow definition of Instructional Design and Technology since those are the books that will spur our thinking in new directions and help us form meaningful connections with people and ideas in other disciplines.

Web Resources
The web resources published in the IDT Record should function as gateways to help our readership explore emergent issues within Instructional Design and Technology, and also to explore issues outside our field that will enrich us or stimulate new thinking about what we do.

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