AECT 2004 IDT Futures Group Presentations, "Where are we going and how will we get there?"

The participants in this Research & Theory-sponsored session shared the results of a series of investigations into broad issues they had discussed previously regarding directions in the field of instructional technology.

"The ADDIE Model" - A Metaphor for the Lack of Clarity in the field of IDT (PDF)
Barbara Bichelmeyer, Indiana University

Teaching a Design Model vs. Developing Instructional Designers (PDF)
Elizabeth Boling, Indiana University

A Model of Technology Capable of Generating Research Questions (PDF)
Andy Gibbons, Brigham Young University

A Degree in IDT by Any other Name is Still a Degree in IDT - But Is It? (PDF)
Janette Hill, University of Georgia

A Grand Purpose for ID? (PDF)
Rick Schwier, University of Saskatoon

Reflections on the Future of Instructional Design and Technology (PDF)
Michael Spector, Florida State University

Theory and practice in Instructional Design (PDF)
Walt Wager, Florida State University

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