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The web resources published in the IDT Record should function as gateways to help our readership explore emergent issues within Instructional Design and Technology, and also to explore issues outside our field that will enrich us or stimulate new thinking about what we do.

Design thinking in engineering

book cover Design Science ... (1996), by Vladimir Hubka and W. Ernst Eder and edited for the web by Filippo A. Salustri. The authors present design science as "... a knowledge system in which products are seen as objects to be developed within engineering design processes. The authors have developed this design science from a division of the knowledge system along two axes. One deals with knowledge about technical systems and design processes while the other presents descriptive statements." The physical book is available at

Design Science ... Buckminster Fuller's view of design from the perspective of global problem solving based on rigorous research.

Visual design for communicating information

xblog: The visual thinking weblog ... from XPLANE, a commercial firm specializing in visual maps and stories for corporate applications. This blog is a one-stop shop for links to ideas and practices that widen our viewpoint on communication.

Learning Sciences

International Society of the Learning Sciences ... "a new professional society founded to help unite and support scientific and educational work in the study of learning and education."

Hypermedia and Multimedia Links

The following collection of links was created by Dr. Kira King to help educators through the process of integrating hypermedia into their instructional and educational environments. Included are the areas of:

Hypermedia, multimedia, & hypertext overview
Designing hypermedia & instructional technology
Future of hypermedia

Recommended by Frank Choltco-Devlin.

Gettting In-Depth with Games ... a website of articles, reviews, news, diaries, open discussions and interviews, edited and maintained by people with an educational awareness of what makes games successful. Recommended by Kurt Squire.

Computer Technology in Middle School Classrooms

Meridian ... an electronic journal which "features research findings, practitioner articles, commentary, and book excerpts by educational researchers, technology designers, middle school teachers, and authors who wish to share and expand teaching and learning experiences with computer technologies in middle school classrooms and beyond." Recommended by Beth Snoke.

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