Inter-College Council on Aging

January 14, 2005 Minutes

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Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
January 14, 2005

After introductions, discussion focused on the By-laws for the Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging. The group present approved the name and decided that it will be known as IICA.

Willard Mays will make the revisions in the By-laws and email a copy to everyone. Major points made at today’s meeting centered on the creation of a second classification of membership – that of Associate – and the addition of a Secretary/Treasurer officer to the Executive Committee.

While a provision for dues/fees for the organization was added to the By-laws, further discussion as to a recommended amount and implementation was tabled until another meeting.

A question was raised regarding the invitation to join IICA being made to other college and universities in the state and it was agreed that it should be an entity that awards a “Regionally Accredited Post Secondary Degree”. The Council will decide upon awarding membership to those that apply.

The By-laws and Charter Members were accepted by consensus.

A Nominating Committee of Ellen Miller, Margaret Adamek and George Hill will develop a slate of officer candidates.

Announcements: The Second Annual State Conference on Mental Health & Aging will be held June 23rd at the Raddison Hotel. Conference speakers will include Steve Bartels of Dartmouth (President’s New Freedom Commission) and Fred Blow of the University of Michigan (SAMSHA protocols for older adults and substance abuse). In addition, this conference will be an official event for the White House Conference on Aging.

The National Coalition on Mental Health & Aging will conduct an official listening session (2 ½ hours) at their meeting in Washington.

Next meeting:
Friday, March 4th from 10am- noon at the Center for Aging & Community, 901 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis. Election of Officers will be on the Agenda.