Inter-College Council on Aging

Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
Minutes, February 20, 2009
Center on Aging and Community

Peggy Favorite, Purdue University
Ryan Humphrey, Butler University
Bonnie Brown, Butler University
Priscilla Ryder, Butler University
Willard May, Indiana Department of Mental Health
Kathy Frank, IU Geriatric Medicine
Tamara Burke, Center on Aging and Community, University of Indianapolis
Lesa Lorenzen-Huber, Indiana University
Joanne Burke, St. Mary’s College in South Bend
Jackie Cissell, Indiana Division on Aging
Kathy Segrist, Ball State University
Katie Elman, University of Southern Indiana, (new Center for aging and wellness)


  1. Bonnie announced that she has a new grant from CICOA, working with nutrition sites doing medication information brown bags and individual counseling. The sites are mostly residential communities.

Kathy Frank mentioned that some clinics were no longer serving older adults because funds had been cut. Willard reviewed a program through Medicaid that could provide mental health services, but few people are taking advantage of it.

  1. Collaborative Conference. Tamara passed out the call for abstracts and the brochure for sponsorships. The past Collaborative conference drew over 300 people. There are sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming conference. The conference replaces the Governor’s Conference on Aging and is a way for agencies to go together on having a conference rather than having their own conference.


Peggy mentioned the Military Research institute at Purdue as having funds and might be a potential sponsor. Willard is going to speak with them about working with returning troops  next week. Tamara is going to mention them to Ellen Miller.

  1. Other news and upcoming events:
    1. IGS is having a presentation on “Older Adult Health Care- the potential of Health Information Exchange and Health Information Technology.” Dr. Marc Overhage is the speaker. Indiana Health Information Exchange is March 12. It’s the evening before St. Vincent’s conference.
      1. Indiana Geriatrics Society will have their Fall Conference October 2 at Methodist Hospital Conference Center.
    2. The STT conference will be Oct 31-Nov 4th. IGS will have a session 2:45-4 pm on Sunday Nov. 1. August 12-13. Mid-America Institute on Aging in Evansville. This conference focuses on programming for older adults.


    1. April 28 Dr. Sandra Markwood is coming to St. Mary’s to talk about livable communities.
    1. Tamara mentioned that CAC at Uindy has approved an undergraduate certificate. It will be available beginning fall 09. It will be offered through the School of Adult Learning at UIndy.


    1. At Ball State, the annual Kirkpatrick Lecture is April 23, 5:30-6:30, Alumni Center. Dr. Nussbaum is an international speaker lecturer on brain health, healthy aging, dementia, and related disorders.
  1. There was a discussion about the value of minors and certificates in gerontology in the workforce. Tamara so kindly printed out existing table for everyone to update.  Lesa will have the updated table posted on the website.


  1. We discussed the potential GEC application. As far as we know, there is not funding yet, but we are poised in case the opportunity presents itself.
  1. Willard noted that SAMHSA put out an RFP for Evidence Based Practices. Child and Mental health services got one of the grants. It will be an integrated health/mental health service to help remove the stigma of older adults entering a mental health center. It will serve Marion and Johnson counties.  Kathy suggested that Willard might join the IGS conference calls.


  1. Peggy mentioned that they are developing a one credit practicum in gerontology. She mentioned the need for advice on setting up relationships with outside agencies for the practicum.  Katie shared the protocol at USI for internships and practicums. It is primarily a centralized function in order to have administrative oversight on student placement.
  1. Discussion of Goals for 2009. Kathy had made copies of the mission statement and by-laws and asked members to review them in preparation for a discussion of activities for 2009.


Willard mentioned the need for colleges and universities to include more education on aging. There was a discussion about the challenges of the tough economic times.

Lesa suggested doing a collaborative Careers in Aging week, April 12-18.  The group discussed possibilities. Katie talked about a 2 day conference on aging at USI that was very well attended.

  1. We will place our unique activities on our own websites.
  2. Week long blog for all students to participate in from the various campuses. Katie will set up the facebook site. Careers in Aging: Livable Communities. Phil Stafford and Jackie Cissell will moderate a facebook site on livable communities. Lesa and Katie will send an email on accessing facebook.
  3. A resource for information about careers in aging comes from the Institute of Medicine report, “Retooling for an Aging America.”


Jackie wondered if we could reach out to the grass roots level: For example, directors of NORCS and managers of adults foster homes need some type of basic gerontology education.  Especially minority populations have a hard time accessing education and program ideas and helps. Joann mentioned that students need experiences. Katie suggested Health Services Research group. There are 28 students participating. Cross-over study with yoga and computers.  The study starts March 16. The goal is to have each of six faculty to have a project which reaches out to the community.

This could be a goal for all the IICA members. Jackie is willing to help set up the service learning opportunities for IICA members.

Next meeting June 12, lunch @ Santorini’s. Noon.