Inter-College Council on Aging

Indiana Inter College Council on Aging
September 19, 2008
Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Ellen Miller, Jackie Frank, Willard Mays, Greta Yoder, Kathy Frank, Kathy Segrist, Margaret Adamek, Bonnie Brown, Peggy Favorite, Lesa Huber, Kay Crawford

  1. Kay welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  2. Jackie Frank was introduced as a new member. Introductions were made around the table.
  3. Kay reviewed the year. The summer social and the GEC grant preparation were highlights.
    1. Will shared that SAMSHA had an RFA out for older adult mental health services expansion. Out of 160 plus application, one of our local agencies got one of the ten awards.
    2. Ellen reported that the IICA had a presence at the Indiana Collaborative Conference on Aging that was last February. The next conference will be November 9-11, 2009. Ellen asked if the group thought a student rate would facilitate student attendance. Lesa and Margaret both thought a student rate would encourage student attendance. Ellen will also seek input about speakers and programming from the IICA.

Kathy Segrist noted that she would like to be on the steering committee for the Conference, as she was on the program committee last year and Ball State was a founding institution for the conference. It was decided that Kathy S.  will be the new rep from IICA for the ICCA.
Margaret suggested that there might be a session where a case is presented that helps people think about the separation of aging services and mental health services.

    1. Kathy Frank reported that the GEC subcommittee is on hold until there is likely funding available.
    • Election of Officers. Kay announced that she will no longer be at CAC as of the end of the month. Ellen, Lesa, and Will will be on the nominating committee. The new Chair will be charged with continuing to recruit new members, perhaps from Indiana Wesleyan and Community Colleges.
    • Meeting Schedule for 2008-2009. After some discussion, the following meeting schedule was set. The Nov. meeting will be at CAC and following meeting location is TBD.
    1. September 19
    2. November 14 @ CAC
    3. February 13
    4. April 17
    5. July 10
    • Upcoming Events (to be posted on the IICA website)
    1. Peggy passed out the announcement about the upcoming conference on Family Relations and Late Life Health, September 26
    2. Kathy passed out a flyer about Marc Freedman’s upcoming talk at BSU, September 25, on Civic Engagement
    3. Ellen Miller talked about a conference on physical activity and physical therapy in July 2010 that she is helping to plan.
    4. Bonnie is working with a new faculty member, Priscilla Ryder, an epidemiologist in aging. We hope to have her as a member of the IICA. Sarah Nicely is another possible new member.  Bonnie will forward their bios to Lesa for the IICA website pending approval from these potential new members.
    5. Lesa noted that Linda George will be on the IU Campus on Nov. 6 for a lecture. She will send an email with more details.
    6. Kathy Frank announced that IGS will have their meeting on Oct. 10 in Brown County. The focus will be on quality. He did QI on depression and quality care. Eric Tensley, VP of research with National Health Care Association. Two of the doctors will speak on fall and anti-coagulants. Jody Harper will speak on wound care. Lots of table talks so that all disciplines can spend time together. Kathy will send an email about the conference.
    7. CAC is a partner in spirit in place. Kay distributed flyers about the event.
    • The meeting was adjourned at 11 am.