Inter-College Council on Aging

Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
Friday, January 11, 2008
University of Indianapolis, Center for Aging and Community


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Attending: Kathy Segrist, Will Mays, Ellen Burton, Kathy Franks, Bonnie Brown, Lesa Huber, Kay Crawford, Tamara Wolske, Joanne Burke

  1. Review of the minutes from Sept. 7. Minutes approved
  2. Updates for IICA Website
    1. Add link for collaborative conference; Lesa will add from UIndy website
      1. Contact Becky Cass. ; students can volunteer and get in free,
    2. Summer Series on Aging at UK
    3. There is a pre-conference intensive for the Collaborative Conference Step into the Future, which focuses on culture change in the long term care setting. The session is focused on leadership and includes Eden Alternative Trainings.
    4. IGS is having an evening dinner on Thursday the 13th of March.  St. Vincent’s annual conference on aging is on March 14.
    5. Healthy Aging Brain Center is in the Regenstrief Institute, in the IU Center for Senior Health (geriatric consult, specialists), 317-630-8000.  Wishard will put out a big marketing effort about the Brain Center. Dr. Greg Sachs, Dr. Boustani will be the providers. Assessment and planning for how to keep a happy brain.
    6. The Grace study is done and was published in JAMA., but the model will continue and be used with people 63 and up. The GRACE model of care uses a nurse practitioner and social worker
    7. There is some forward movement at St. Mary’s, thanks to a new academic dean. Joanne has had encouragement to move forward with gerontology.
    8. The Kirkpatrick lecture at Ball State is April 10. Dr. Kate Lorig will be there talking about the latest initiatives in chronic disease management.
    9. Updates on the The Mental Health and Aging coalition. Will will be going to the National Mental Health and Aging coalition. There are over 70 organizations that are members. At the meeting on Monday for the National Meeting, they will view “Do Not Go Gently,” and Gene Cohen will moderate a discussion about the film. The Mental Health and Aging coalition will do a session on coalition building The Mental Health and Aging Network will sponsor the session.
    10. ASA will be in DC March 26-30. The focus of the meeting is on Public Policy and Aging. There is a “Day on the Hill” event as part of the conference to encourage participants to visit their legislative representatives.
    11. During the Spirit in Place event in Indy there will also be a showing of
      “Do Not Go Gently.”
    12. AGHE is Feb 20-24
    13. The Nursing Home Director Conference is in Utah.
    14. Ellen Burton works with the Aging and Disability grant, Aging with a Disability Resource Centers, an initiative through the AoA. They are working with all the AAAs, working with a model that builds on information and referral. Turning the AAAs into one-stop shops for all aging needs. Pulls case management to the front of the process a little bit more. The important aspect is the linking to the services that meet the needs. Information and referral is open to anyone, whether or not they might be qualified for services based on age or need. The Resource Centers are a good way to promote the collaborative and individual efforts of IICA Council members.
    15. The Area Health Education Centers, the office is through family medicine, part of the IU School of Medicine, might send a speaker to the March meeting.
    16. The Indiana Rural Health Association has close to 1000 members. They have a full-time executive director and manage a number of grants. It’s a multi-disciplinary group of service providers.
    17. In March we would like to invite speakers from AHEC (Kathy will contact) and IRHA (Bonnie will contact). Will suggested that we also involve the Primary Health Care Association. Julie Ellrich of the Primary Health Care Association will be contacted by Will about meeting with us in March.
    18. The Bowen center is doing a presentation on January 24, “Where have all the doctors gone?” Kathy is going to attend to gain information related to the GEC
    19. The Indiana Nurse WorkForce report has just been released and might have good information for the GEC proposal.
    20. Jean McDonald of the Indiana Home Care Association would be another good contact for the GEC proposal.
    21. The Indiana State Department of Health is launching a Long Term Care Newsletter. To subscribe, go to

    1. There is a background diagnostic tool that is used behind computer games like solitaire. The diagnostic tool collects information about processing speed. More information can be found on the CAST site.
  1. GEC update. There is still no funding on the horizon. The Committee is still getting their ducks in a row, collecting needs assessments and starting ground work with Schools. Ellen wondered about working with college level students as well. She coordinated internships for MPH students at Johns Hopkins. Because many of the professions aren’t licensed as geriatric practitioners, it is hard to know what we have and what we need. The goals and objectives document prepared by Kathy Segrist were reviewed.

The discussion turned to other sources of funds for the project. Kathy listed some Indiana sources: CICOA, Lilly, Hooverwood, Scott Jones, Hartford, Atlantic, Reynolds,
Kathy noted that more people need to be aware of the potential of the IICA and our heartfelt desire to support the health of all older adults in Indiana.
If practice could be improved to better facilitate older adult care, many Primary Care physicians could provide better care to older adults, especially those in rural areas.
Kay suggested that we create a “dog and pony show” for the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance. We could pull out either the rural piece or the Schools piece as a demonstration pilot project and ask for seed money.
Next steps:

  1. All members should review the GEC goals and objectives and identify objectives that could serve as demonstration project.
  2. Will, Kathy F and Bonnie will contact our speakers for the March meeting.
Our next meeting will be March 7, 10:00, CAC UIndy.