Inter-College Council on Aging

Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
Friday, September 7, 2007


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Attending: Bonnie Brown, Kathy Frank, Peggy Favorite, Jacquie Wall, Julia Holloway, Greta Slater, Margaret Adamek, Ellen Miller, Kathy Segrist, Tamara Wolske, Kay Crawford

Introductions: This was the first meeting for Julia Holloway, Deputy Director of the FSSA Division on Aging and Greta Slater, Ball State University. Bonnie Brown has a new staff person who will attend future meetings.

Goals for IICA in 2007-2008:

  • Apply for the GEC
  • Participate in the Indiana Collaborative Conference on Aging and Indiana Geriatrics Society
  • Provide opportunities to support students at conferences (ICCA)
  • Lay groundwork for piloting the elementary/middle school/high school careers in aging education program
  • Meet with the Positive Aging Conference group that is forming

Report from the GEC Committee: Next conference call will be Thursday, Sept. 13th at 2:30pm. Kathy S reported that the RFP is for $400,000 per year for consortium applicants. Kathy S and Kathy F are working from the application that came out in April and also using the Arizona and Pennsylvania as templates. The Committee continues to refine how the Indiana GEC will target content.

Indiana Collaborative Conference on Aging, Feb 5-6, 2008 at Indianapolis Adam’s Mark Airport: Ellen reported that information about the conference can be found at .  IICA will have a table at the conference where all schools can display their information. If you know of someone who should be contacted as a Sponsor, please contact Ellen. Question was asked about a Poster Session at the conference – suggestion made that this be included in the next conference as an opportunity for students and that an Award could be given.  Ellen will take IICA’s recommendation to the ICCA committee that there be a student discount for this conference.
Discussion resulted in a Goal for IICA to have a scholarship fund for students to attend conferences.

Mental Health & Aging Coalition: Margaret reported that the 4th Annual Indiana Mental Health & Aging Conference is being considered for Feb 4th in conjunction with the ICCA. A Planning Committee is meeting to work out the details.

Careers in Aging Education Program for Elementary/Middle Schools/High Schools: Ellen reported that Center Grove schools would be willing to participate in a pilot. Kathy F reported that there is a program from Health Resources and Services Administration that could be utilized. Question was raised if this is something that students could participate in the delivery of the program and if there is any support money available.

Announcements: Julia reported that she and Melissa Durr are talking about having case managers be certified as geriatric case managers. She will let us know how this progresses.

2007-2008 Meeting Dates: The Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging has set that meetings will be every other month, beginning in September. Next meetings will be from 10:00am-12:00pm at CAC on the second Friday of the month with the summer months off.

  • September 7
  • November 9
  • January 11
  • March (possibly need to modify for Spring Break)
  • May (will need to check on Graduation dates)

The GEC Committee will continue to meet monthly by conference call or in person as needed.

Respectfully submitted,
Kay Crawford