Inter-College Council on Aging

January 20, 2006 Minutes

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Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
January 20, 2006

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Kathy Frank (
Connie Beran (
Kay Crawford (
Lesa Huber (
Kathy Segrist (
Willard Mays (
Ellen Miller (
Margaret Adamek (

• Kathy S. prepared local arrangements
a. Committee report
• Items are still needed for auction
• Ellen reported that since the budget was cut, there would not be a dolphin show. Kathy S. felt we should try to raise the funds. The group decided to try to come up with the money. We hope Novartis would come through and a few individuals would donate a hundred or so to make up the difference. Willard proposed that we contact the Convention Bureau for ideas for resources. Ellen and Connie will contact the cultural group. Kathy S. will contact the AGHE board and ask them to contribute as individuals. Ellen reported the cost need was $2,200.
• Volunteers: Peggy had sent out a request for volunteers in December, and sent Kathy S. a report which Kathy S. reviewed for the group. Connie said RSVP could help if volunteers were still needed.
In summary: money for dolphin show, auction items and volunteers are still needed.
• The IICA poster session is Saturday. Lesa and Kay will stand by the poster during the session
• Ellen asked if there should be a Thursday morning museum activity. The group brainstormed a number of ideas. A canal walk, an “underground Indy” walk, circle center shopping. Lesa will create a poster to put up in the hotel that can be accompanied by the Indianapolis Cultural Districts Guide. The Thursday morning event will be titled the “Indianapolis Cultural Districts Tour”.
• Dine-Arounds: Volunteers are needed for each restaurant.

2. Website

The group should continue to send news information to Lesa. The site has been updated and can serve as an archive of collaboration.

3. GEC

• There is currently no funding for GEC’s for the upcoming 06-07 budget. Will reported that the GEC’s were a major issue at the WHCOA. The IICA will send a letter of protest.
• There was a discussion of the possibility of future funding for GEC’s. Kay will write the letter, send it to Lesa, who will send it to the group. Will said a letter from the group would be effective.
• “Community Integration for Older Adults with Mental Illness: Overcoming Barriers and Seizing Opportunities” was co-written by Willard Mays for SAMHSA.

4. Upcoming Events

• AGS will be May 3-7 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois
• ASA will be March 16-19 in Anaheim
• Kirkpatrick April 26th or 27th

5. Next meeting will be March 24th, 2006 at 10:00AM