Inter-College Council on Aging

March 4, 2005 Minutes

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Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2005
Present: Kay Crawford, U of I/CAC
Lesa Huber, IU Center on Aging and Aged
Willard Mays, DMHA
Ellen Miller, University of Indianapolis, CAC
Margaret Adamek, UPUI
Larry Miller Gallahue, BCS
Peggy Favorite, Purdue, CALC
Next meeting: May 6, 2005 9:30 Executive Meeting, 10:30 Meeting, U of I, CAC

I. Announcements

Willard called meeting to order.
Question: Whether the Executive Committee could have representatives from State Agency/State Organizations. No decision made?

II. Discussion
Report from Nominating Committee.

Past Chair: Willard Mays
Chair: Kay Crawford
Vice-Chair: Peggy Favorite
Secretary/Treasure: Lesa Huber

Slate presented, Margaret Adamek, moved, Kay Crawford, second motion.

Slate Elected.

III. Roundtable

Question: Who can be members from various statewide organization?

Will: Anna Diehl and Larry are suggested as statewide organizations representatives.

Question: Would the Council be interested in a GEC application? (Lesa)

General discussion on potential mission of Indiana GEC. One strong idea is to focus delivery of mental health service to older population. Discussion about value of partnering with Rush in Chicago for the GEC application. Schools/faculty interested in application were:

Purdue: Laura Sands, School of Nursing
IUPUI: Kathy Franks, School of Medicine, Chris Callahan
U of I: Ellen Miller
IU: Lesa Lorenzen-Huber
Ball State: Kathy Segrist

Question: What about a VA/GEC?

Kathy Segrist arrived

Kathy: The Pa GEC did modules on mental health. Has to have a geriatric education focus. Whatever you deem is needed in your state to train geriatric health professionals. Various formats: live presentations, CD ROMS, Online. Most important is outcomes. What happened after the training.
GEC funds from HIRSA. The focus is on continuing education: CME’s and CEU’s.

There is sharing of resource materials, (CDs etc) between GEC. The HIRSA website acts as a clearing house for the sharing of resources.

Margaret: A good budget item would be a learning needs assessment of geriatric professionals?

KM: Kansas has a high growth of ALFS. There was a survey of what the mental health needs are in that state.

Kay: We could identifya particular interest in each school, then identify experts.

Kathy: A good assessment is really important. In PA we did one every four years. We pulled in data from data sets.

Ellen: We could pull in something electronically pretty quickly.

Kathy: A good assessment is really important, statewide health, Department of Health are good sources of information.

Discussion on value of joining with Rush. We may have a stronger application just staying in Indiana.

Kay: We have identified who out of the council is interested in pursing a GEC. We would need a learning needs assessment completed.

Peggy: This could be a grad student project for our new dual titled Ph.D.


K: Will could you update?

Will: FFSA bill in assembly. Mitch talked to us in terms of customer and product lines:
1. Child and Maternal Health
2. Mental Health
3. Disabilities
4. Aging

Mitch is asking for input at this time. A new Aging Director was named last week,
Jacqueline Boyea.

Kay: We could ask Boyea to come to this group. What about MMFLA?

Will: There was a bill to move DMHA & Medicaid to Department of Health. Robb was the only person allowed to testify. Medicaid will be spread across all our product lines.

There is still an interim director at FSSA Mental Health & Addiction

Second Annual Mental Health Conference on Aging.

Will: Conference is June 24th at the Airport Radisson Inn.
Speakers: Dr. Steve Bartells, Dartmouth
Dr. Fred Blow, University of Michigan.

Sponsorships and Exhibit opportunities were presented, brochures will be available.

White House Conference on Aging:
Originally scheduled for October, still looking for a venue. Indiana will have about four representatives.

Listening session was January 24, 2005. We have made a difference as Mental Health and Substance Abuse is now showing up as a topic.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:15