Inter-College Council on Aging

March 24, 2006 Minutes

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Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
Meeting Minutes

Margaret Adamek
Connie Beran
Peggy Favorite
Kathy Frank
Lesa Huber
Willard Mays
Kathy Segrist
Kay Crawford
Linda Pearson
JoAnn Burke

1. Review of Collaborative Conference- Ellen Miller
• The Governor’s Conference on Aging is going to a strictly consumer-based conference, so there is a need for a conference for professionals in the state.
• A brief survey was done of representative organizations and it was decided that a large collaborative conference (CC) would meet organizational needs.
• Ellen distributed a document that stated the rationale, purpose statement, and initial conference specifics and working committees for the CC.
• The conference is planned for February, 2008
• There are business partners (investors, minimum $5000) and in-kind partners
• Two questions for IICA members (please reply to Ellen Miller,
• Is your institution willing to make a financial commitment during the planning phase?
• Are you interested in being on a committee? (steering, program, marketing & publicity, exhibits)
• Margaret noted that the CC would be a useful WHCoA follow-up activity
• Kathy S. asked about IAHSA and Ellen responded that IAHSA, like some other organizations, will do their own conference in addition to the CC. Some may do their own for this year, then combine with the CC. Some may just meet at the CC.
• About 5-6 other states have CCs. IN has good opportunities for sponsors and vendors.
• Will noted that Mental Health and Aging will do their own conference this year, but might be interested in having a track in the CC.
• Ellen said the Governor’s Conference will probably be combined with Senior Day at the Fair and focused on consumers.
• JoAnn asked about CEUs and Ellen said they were going to provide them, as they are important for specific audiences and confirmed that it would be a statewide conference, not just focused on central Indiana.
• A discussion followed about financial preparation, target markets of the CC
• The next meeting of the CC is June 7, 9-11 am, CAC/UIndy.

2. Mind Alert speaker- Lesa
• Lesa noted that an application was sent to ASA for a speaker for Bloomington for Fall 06, but another application would be submitted to get a speaker for the CC in 08.

3. AGHE conference call on gerontology education certification-Lesa

• Lesa reviewed the call held on May 10. IN does not currently have an AGHE accredited program. Purdue is considering working toward that with their dual Ph.D. The AGHE GEC committee is going to survey institutions and prepare an AGHE pre-conference institute on gerontology education certification.

4. IICA Brochure-Lesa
• The brochure was reviewed and corrections noted
• The brochure could be saved as a pdf and distributed electronically
• Margaret noted that it would be great to have an undergraduate scholarship offer advertised on the brochure
• It was decided to take all the URLs off the members’ listing and add all Indiana AGHE members.
• Lesa will make revisions and present the brochure again at the next meeting

5. Table of gerontology and geriatric education-Lesa
• The table was passed around for corrections and revisions
• An updated table will be posted on the IICA website

6. IN Needs assessment-Lesa
• The IN needs assessment done by the IUB GA’s was sent with the March minutes.
• Kay noted that the needs assessment done by the IN Div. of Aging will be reviewed when Anna attends the next meeting
• Ellen noted that she had given some short presentations on the need for gerontology and geriatric education in IN and had a ppt. She will send it to all of us. Lesa will upload it to the IICA website.
• Peggy noted that Ellen’s generosity in sharing the ppt was really what the IICA is all about: sharing resources and eliminating duplication of effort.

7. Mental Health and Aging-Will
• Will will be the new co-chair of 3rd annual State Conference on Aging September 25 at the Indiana Government Center. It will be in conjunction with the National Association of State Mental Health Directors.
• Will hoped the IICA will co-sponsor the event and suggest speakers and program ideas.
• Topics to be addressed include:
• Challenging behaviors
• Promising practices in mental health and substance abuse
• Panel presentation on mental health and substance abuse
• A key individual from CMS will present
• The mental health recommendations from the WHCoA will be discussed.
• Will would like to get the IN Coalition of Mental Health and Aging going again.

8. Follow-up to White House Conference on Aging- Will
• A letter and preliminary report went out to Governor’s in late March, but without implementation strategies.
• Indiana is “re-grouping” because some of our 19 IN delegates are no longer affiliated with aging. Will is the only remaining state employee who was a delegate.
• Kay noted that any ideas on mental health and aging should be sent to Will,

9. Update on activities in South Bend and Saint Mary’s College- JoAnn Burke
• JoAnn has been single-handedly leading the gerontology education programs in the SB area.
• She has been very active in community activities as well
• She was warmly welcomed to the IICA.

10. Upcoming Events:
• CAC-May 18, Managing the 21st Century Workplace
• Ball State-May 18, 3rd Annual Indiana Conference on Aging Well, "Celebrating Active Aging"

Next Meeting: July 14, 2006 at Noon. Restaurant TBA. Note time change! We will have a short working meeting and then celebrate the IICA’s accomplishments over lunch.