Inter-College Council on Aging

Minutes IICA Meeting

March 2, 2007
Portland, Oregon, in conjunction with the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Annual Meeting

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Lesa Huber
Ellen Miller
Kathy Segrist
Tamara Wolske

1. Review of material for GEC application – Lesa Huber
Students have developed a survey instrument to use with health care organizations in order to find out about any needs assessments that they have completed that we might use in the GEC application as well as to see if there are needs the organization has that a GEC project could meet.
The students also developed an informative brochure about GECs. Lesa asked for Council approval of these materials.
The Council made some suggestions to improve the materials and then approved their use.

2. Review of Collaborative Conference- Ellen Miller

  • The conference is planned for February 4-6, 2008
  • There are business partners (investors, minimum $5000) and in-kind partners. So far, $35,000 has been raised.
  • Two questions for IICA members (please reply to Ellen Miller,
    • Is your institution willing to make a financial commitment during the planning phase?
    • Are you interested in being on a committee? (steering, program, marketing & publicity, exhibits)

The program planning committee is developing interest tracks and identifying a keynote speaker. Nancy Schneiderman has been identified as a potential key note speaker.

3.  Certifications – Kathy Segrist

  • Kathy reviewed the pre-conference session she attended sponsored by the GEC committee regarding possible examinations for those completing Certificates in Gerontology, following a model developed in California.
  • The Council discussed the CAIP (Certified Aging in Place) certification that builders are obtaining.
  • It was decided that professional credentialing might be a service that IICA would want to develop. It was suggested that the idea can be incorporated into the GEC proposal.