Inter-College Council on Aging

October 21, 2005 Minutes

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Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging
October 21, 2005

Peggy Favorite
Willard Mays
Jackie Wall
John McIlvried
Ken Ferraro
Anna Deahl
Kathy Frank
Kathy Segrist
Jackie Frank
Kay Crawford.

Following introductions, Kathy Frank updated the group on her conversation with Joan Weiss, HRSA, at the Reynolds Grant meeting in New York. Budget allocations are at risk with a gloomy picture for next year (however, money should be there in the future). HRSA is supportive of Indiana submitting a GEC proposal, however Weiss cautioned that a consortium application is looked at more critically than an individual application. It would be a disservice to submit a quickly put-together application. With extra time that would be available by waiting to submit until 2007, the IICCA could demonstrate a healthy timeline that validates the consortium, indicated its direction, and show the supportiveness of the partners.

By looking to the 2007 cycle, we could continue to meet monthly and document this work; look for the issues/needs; identify goals and objectives and decide who will participate where; organize matching funds to demonstrate sustainability; divide up the writing tasks and have the opportunity to have the proposal critiqued. Weiss liked the partners but said to do it right. Even though we would be using this year to strengthen the consortium, the proposal can still be written to include the first year for a planning phase.

The question was raised as to what constituted the consortium – whether it is all of the members of the Indiana Inter-College Council on Aging or an entity in addition to the Council. It was agreed by those present that the Consortium is composed of those members who are interested in participating in the GEC. The grant application would be written with IU School of Medicine as the lead university.

A discussion followed on what would constitute a demonstrable track record. Ideas included a website that provided information on member schools’ events and speakers, collaborative efforts of speaker’s bureau and conference, and work/projects that would help to develop students’ interests in careers that work with older adults.

Anna told the group that Indiana Division of Aging has received an AoA planning grant to implement the AdvantAge Initiative on a statewide basis.
Discussion on needs assessment for the state – currently, Luther Consulting is conducting a needs assessment with consumers and with providers (report due Jan 31st). The AAAs are required to look at the needs of their individual areas (statewide assessment will not be specific enough for their planning purposes). Suggestion was made that IICCA do a needs assessment on the educational needs (geriatric training) in the state.

AGHE conference in February – discussion on what IICCA could do to demonstrate collaboration. Kathy Segrist will request that all the members of IICCA who will be having a booth at the conference be located in same area. Jackie Wall will coordinate efforts to design a logo for IICCA so that a sign (ribbon) can be displayed by each of the members at the conference.

Another project that has been suggested is hosting a summer institute that would bring health professionals, service providers and practioners together to discuss how they work with older adults. (Kentucky has a good institute)

Original purpose of the IICCA was to develop partnerships between colleges and the state.

Discussion on the idea of speakers’ bureau is really along the line of listing expertise on the website and making sure that we all know about the conferences/speakers/events that each of us is putting on.

Website – will check with Lesa about the information that is lacking for individual members. Peggy will contact Lesa about creating a directory of council members with their email, phone and mailing addresses.

Members with conferences/speakers/events that is of interest or open to the public can email Peri with the info to be distributed on IDA’s calendar.

Recommendation was made that subcommittees be formed to carry out assignments as they relate to IICCA and the GEC proposal. Potential committees include:
• Interdisciplinary continuing education/summer institute
• Planning dollars
• Data/needs assessment
• Outreach – events/speakers info

Email Kathy Segrist with information on areas of expertise at your school.

Next meeting:
Friday, November 11th at noon, CAC.