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A brief video clip of the Secretary welcomes you to the Web. Audio only is also available but requires software that can simultaneously run audio and visual information or an audio player. Links to an Overview of Smithsonian Museums, a description of Navigating the Electronic Smithsonian, a search capability to explore all aspects of the Institution, the Encyclopedia Smithsonian (answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and other topics), and information on Planning a Visit to the Smithsonian are available here as well.

View from the Castle

This section contains a monthly message from the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution on topical issues. It may be viewed either as text or played with software that has audio capability. Links to Smithsonian News Releases and the Secretary's Speeches can also be viewed.

What's New

This section includes information on new and temporary exhibitions for most of the Smithsonian's museums and galleries and the National Zoo. It also includes new and recent additions to the Smithsonian Web Server. And a section which describes Electronic Smithsonian. Finally, press releases from the Smithsonian are available electronically.

You and the Smithsonian

This section provides information on how you may become associated with the Smithsonian either by becoming a member of various Smithsonian organizations or by giving to the Institution. It also contains information on fellowship and internship opportunities and the many ways to volunteer.


If you would like to explore information on the Smithsonian's many museums, galleries, research centers, and offices both in and outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, see this section. Types of information included for the museums are location, hours, exhibits, events, and access for persons with disabilities. There is also a map of the National Mall indicating the location of many of the museums.

This section provides general-information e-mail addresses as well as a directory of senior Smithsonian staff. It also introduces you to a different member of the staff each month.

This section lists all the new and temporary exhibitions and events for each museum and gallery. It also lists information on Traveling Exhibitions throughout the U.S.

This section looks at broad social, cultural, political, or organizational subjects such as African American culture, Asian culture, and activities for children, as well as such topical areas as computers, mammals, or oceans.

The Smithsonian is more than museums. Many organizations provide goods and services which cut across all aspects of the Institution. Topics include The Smithsonian Magazine, discussion groups, and Radio Smithsonian.

See this section if you would like to know about the many products of the Smithsonian. Browse through our electronic Shopping Mart containing our most popular 150 items to commemorate the Smithsonian's 150th anniversary or visit the various stores in our electronic Shopping Mall.

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